About Dad DIY

Hi and welcome to Dad-DIY.

I created Dad-DIY to share some of my DIY projects. As a husband, father of three and a home owner, I’ve done a lot of DIY projects, including home maintenance, decoration, school projects and even cooking – the dad way.

I suppose I could have got contractors to do some of these projects, but that is just not how I’m put together, I like doing things myself.

I find it really rewarding to complete a job and know that I’ve done it by myself, in the best way I know how. This website is in no way an authority on any subject, but instead to show you how I’ve done certain DIY projects.

The scope of this website may extend beyond the realm of DIY now and then, incorporating stuff that affect the life of a dad and the people that surround us.

I hope you find the content interesting in the same way that I did while creating it.

Kind regards