Feature wall – wooden

Feature wall – wooden

How to create a wooden feature wall

feature wall wooden


My daughter wanted a room make over. One of the key elements was a feature wall, which I decided to make out of wood. I used plywood as it was a more affordable option than using wooden planks. This wall is only 8′ long, so plywood is the perfect length.


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Tools required (linked to my recommendation)

Materials required (see figure 1)

Item Description Length Width Qty
1 3/4″ plywood 8′ (2440 mm) 5.9″ (150 mm) 19
2 Nails, 1.25″ (32 mm) long 66
3 Screws, 2″ (50 mm) long 12

feature wall wooden - figure 1


  1. Cut 3/4″ plywood sheets into the size listed in the table above using a circular saw.
  2. Mount 3 of the plywood pieces (1) on the wall with the screws (3), using a screw driver. Use 4 screws per piece of plywood, as shown in figure 2.
    feature wall wooden - figure 2
  3. Nail the other pieces of plywood (1) to the upright supports with the nails (2) using a hammer, as shown in figure 3. Start from the bottom and work your way up. Use a spirit level to check that the plywood (1) is level.
    feature wall wooden - figure 3
  4. Sand the feature wall using a orbital sander to remove any sharp edges.
  5. As an added feature you can add feary lights or any other decor items to the wall, as shown in figure 4.
    feature wall wooden - figure 4
  6. Optional: White wash the feature wall to create a different style in the room.


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