How to paint a precast concrete wall

How to paint a precast concrete wall

Painting a precast concrete wall

how to paint a precast concrete wall


Depending on where you live in the world, your property could most likely have a precast concrete wall as a boundary wall. These walls can start to look quite weathered and stained after many years of battering from the sun and weather.

A very quick and easy way to give the wall a new look is a fresh coat of paint, especially with the trendy colors available today.


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Safety Information

Use safety equipment when operating equipment. Take necessary precautions to avoid injuries to persons/animals and damage to property when operating equipment. Always abide by the manufacturers safety information and warnings when using equipment.

Tools required (linked to my recommendation)

Materials required

Item Description Length Width Qty
1 Cover sheet or board 1
2 Exterior Wall Paint (Sufficient for 2 coats of wall surface) As required


  1. I’m firstly going to fix any imperfections and gaps in the wall and fill those with cement.
    how to paint a precast concrete wall
  2. Let the cement dry for at least 48 hours.
  3. Clean the wall surface with a broom and also sweep the ground next to the wall as we will need paint close to the edge. Place a board or cover sheet on the ground to protect the ground surface from dripping paint.
    how to paint a precast concrete wall
  4. Apply an undercoat of primer to the wall.
  5. Calculate the amount of paint you require by calculating the square feet of square meters of the wall surface and the spread rate (coverage per liter) of the paint.
  6. Use a brush and paint the corners and edged between the precast slabs, paint anywhere where a paint roller can’t reach. I prefer to do a panel of the wall at a time, then I move onto the next panel.
    how to paint a precast concrete wall
  7. The wall should look something like this. Flatten any runs or drips with the paint brush, as you can see I’ve had to do below.
    how to paint a precast concrete wall
  8. Paint the slabs and pillars using a roller. You may need to go in horizontal and vertical strokes to fill uneven surfaces of the wall.
    how to paint a precast concrete wall
  9. The finished wall panel is shown below. Let the paint dry and then paint a second coat of paint for an even finish.
    how to paint a precast concrete wall

Wall Painting FAQs

Can you paint a precast wall?

Precast walls can be painted using a suitable primer for precast concrete walls. You can use an suitable exterior or interior house paint to paint the wall, the same paint that you would paint a masonary wall with.

Can you paint enamel over PVA?

Generally enamel paint are used for different applications to PVA, e.g. doors, trim and windows, where as PVA is used to paint walls. But yes you should be able to paint enamel over PVA.

Can I paint acrylic paint over enamel paint?

No, the PVA will not adhere to the oil based enamel paint and will peel off. If the enamel paint surface is sanded, or washed with sugar soap, and primed you will be able to paint over it with PVA paint.

How do I calculate how much paint I need?

Work out the square foot or square meter area of the surfaces (length x height) to be painted. Look at the paint manufacturers specification for the spread rate or coverage rate per liter and calculate how many liters you require to cover your surface area. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to